Arkeo for Individuals. 

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Personal Development and Mental Health Management

One on One 6 week course.

Over the course of 6 weeks you will have x 6 one on one sessions with Jana Dowling.

In this time you will;

  • Re-discover and define your personal identity

  • Have a clear understanding of what you want from life

  • Have a clear understanding of mental fitness, low mental fitness symptoms and a practical plan on how to manage your mental fitness

  • Leave with a 3 month action plan to continue your mental fitness development.

These courses are for anyone who wants to understand themselves better and take control over their mental fitness.

Fee: £240


Emma: “Jana has created a course that’s gives pragmatic help and advise with managing mental fitness, I also find her approach is packed full of understanding and positive engaging energy, which would always leave me feeling optimistic and recharged at the end of sessions. Jana has the ability to empathise with all different individuals and is relatable in a professional way, that’s what makes her effective and useful. The practical advice delivered and using the Arkeo app daily to record my mental fitness has really helped support me.”

Donna: “Jana Dowling helped me to understand how to manage my mental fitness. At first I was a bit reluctant but having done what she suggested has allowed me to own, learn, understand and manage my daily symptoms. Having been out of work for so many years I had lost my confidence, motivation and way, I did not know where to begin, it all felt too overwhelming!! Through the personal one on one sessions, she helped me to learn steps to think about ways I could return back to work which I never believed could happen. During the one on one sessions I found them extremely powerful as Jana created a realistic plan that has had a huge impact on my wellbeling. Thank you Jana!”