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Introducing the All-new MyArkeo App


Arkeo puts the power in your hands when it comes to managing your mental fitness. By simply answering a series of daily questions, Arkeo helps you to understand the impact your lifestyle is having on your mental fitness.

We track your mood, sleep, work hours, exercise, food, alcohol, nicotine and caffeine intake, along with up to five low mental fitness symptoms. We use this to create your ‘My Arkeo score’ which is essentially a daily generated score for your mental fitness. This allows you to see how different lifestyle factors impact your mental fitness and start making steps to improve this.


"Arkeo is a mental fitness brand. (We'll be the "Nike" for your brain). We have developed my tracking system into an app that allows the user to measure their mental fitness. We deliver this tech and training into organisations to empower everyone to take control of their mental fitness."

— Jana Dowling, Founder